Elite Outsource International serves more than 100 clients in both the public and private sectors. We are a systems integration company that guides our clients through complex enterprise transformations, globalization, and full-scale technology implementations. We help make clients’ operations faster, more profitable and easily adaptable to changing markets. Our focus on long-term relationships and personalized attention to client services have crystallized into a 100 percent retention rate of our top 10 clients and 95 percent retention rate of our top 50 clients.

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Some of our Clients:

  • JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • IBM
  • Mercede-Benz
  • Microsoft
  • Citi Bank, N.A
  • SVAM International, Inc
  • Compu-Solve, Inc
  • Algomod Technologies Corporation


At Elite Outsource International, alliances are central to our strategy, our client service business, and the way we deliver value to our clients. We have relationships with approximately 50 companies, from established market leaders to emerging market innovators. Our alliance partners’ products and services complement our own, by enhancing a service offering, delivering a new technology, or helping us extend our services to new geographies. These alliance partners play a key role in helping us to deliver solutions that bring ideas to life and provoke significant change for our clients.

Due to the highly focused nature of these business relationships, some alliances are specifically aligned with one of our service lines, adding skills, technology and insights that are applicable across many of the industries we serve. Other alliances extend and enhance our offerings specific to a single industry.

Our alliance relationships help us to deliver innovative solutions far faster than we—or any other company—could do alone. And the faster we deliver our value-based solutions to clients, the faster they can achieve and sustain the measurable results that the new economy demands.